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Our Service

We offer the only one expression and experience of the richness and the depth in priceless time and space in the world at personal home, hotel, shop, and restaurants by proposal for the collection or the coordination of arts and antiques, such as splendid gold silk screen, masterpiece of Japanese swords, antique vase, and calligraphy etc. Also as the opportunity to feel the unique value and presence to encounter over eras and cultures tangibly, exhibitions, auctions, consultation and workshops. Please feel free to contact us for inquiry for further details of service.

Client advisory

We work with private or cooprate collectors who purchase across various collecting categories and global sale sites. Our team of advisors work in partnership with specialists in Japan and all over the world at auction and privately, while providing an exceptional bespoke service.

We consult for presentation and coordination of arts and antiques feeling the depth and thickness of time and Japanese culture for hotels, salons, shops and restaurants. According to your requests in space , budget , and purpose ,we propose from variety range of arrangements.

We provide arts and antiques for museums and exhibitions all over the world. Also we work to propose curation in any theme of art, modern, Chinese, Asian apart from Japanese.

We plan and hold exhibition to sell arts and exhibition several times a year.

We hold auctions several times a year.

We hold workshops to study and to experience arts and Japanese culture along with exhibitions.

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