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ARTBANK has been established in 2019 in Tokyo to introduce currently required real richness and lifestyles to the world facing era for transition through arts and antiques of Japan and all over the world. What we desire by new creation for the future? There is saying ;Creation is not more than re-curation of existence. If so,we can co-create even better and richer now and future by realizing who we are and what we value by learning from the past and others. The art which encounters you for necessity after numerous miracle coincidences over boeders and eras is the unique existence. And the universal beauty and love in how it presents moves our heart with various expressions. The world to share the differences and beauty with each other and to create new value and richness by touching and experiencing old and new Japanese culture and arts in everyday life. We believe the new co-creation by understanding each other's different beauty in culture and era can lead to the world peace.

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